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Me Growing up and a little about my ilfe.

This is my story. A few photos. Information on my life and my family. Hope you get to know who I am. No need to cajole me. It is me. I will add from time to time as I remember. Enjoy! Click on picture to enlarge!

DOB: March 6, 1945. Named: Richard Lance Denmon. I was named Richard for my father's brother and Lance for my mother's brother. Born in Chester, PA. You must remember when viewing some of these pictures that they are old. All are scanned and I was born there were no color pictures. 



Now as you can see I have been into reptiles since I was five years old.

This is  picture a photo of me in first grade.    

At last color!!! Seventh grade! As some of you already know I played clarinet in school. So how can you play clarinet and not be in a marching band? Notice my dog? He started to howl and I have the clarinet across my lap. He warned me not to play. His name was Tops. A hot dog dog. BTW don't call him that he would bite you!!!

Now the person I worshipped the most is my former clarinet teacher and band director Rudy. I remember when I was in fourth grade and our other band director left and we were getting a new one. I hated the thought that this was going to happen. Some of us boys were making fun of the new band director little did I know how much he impacted my life. I started taking lessons from him at age 10. I stayed with him all the way thru high school. He was a great musician and teacher and helped me a lot.There was a time when I was young and dad was out of work and mom told him they could not pay for my lessons because of money. Rudy said to mom "hey, bring him here I will teach him free!!!!!!" One rule he had was that I practiced....Damn what a person. I still talk to him over the phone. He and his wife Mary were like my second set of parents. Rudy passed away on my birthday March 6, 2004 I am very saddened by this. Part of my life gone. I kept in contact with him over his lifetime. I will miss his laughter he had when I told him jokes. He had a lot of charisma and he will be missed. A man I respected. Knowing Rudy for almost fifty years gone but never forgotten.

This is my minister [pictured left] shaking my hand when I received my God and Country Award And my dad [pictured right] pining on my Eagle Scout Award. Now some of the folks will make fun of scouting but I think it a great organization for children, But to me I am very proud to be a part of scouting and a part of earning and working hard for those awards. If I am not mistaken only 5% of all scouts receive the rank of Eagle.

Me my senior year in high school

   This was an honor too!

This is one  my best friend in high school. His name is Julius. We met in seventh grade and stayed friends. He played trumpet. Fun person to be with.....He called my mother "mom"....


My high school picture. What a great looking guy!!!!!!!

   My first year at Valley Forge Military Academy. I received a Band Scholarship for my clarinet. Talk about becoming a man. Damn learned a lot of things real quick. I think this helped me out too! It gave me some direction in life. I wanted to go to Philadelphia Musical Academy but I needed the money and did not have it so I took the scholarship. I paid my way thru college. Mom and dad helped me financially but it was me paying for my education. And yes I took out loans.........and grants too! But I feel it was worth it.

I feel that Philadelphia Musical Academy was my opportunity of a lifetime. I was given the opopportunity studying with men and women who performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra not some community orchestra. I learned so much and tried to implement my knowledge with my students.

I also was assistant band director at Valley Forge Military Academy. The director was principle trombonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. He also was my conductor of South Eastern District XII Band. I learned a lot from him at VF.

I would like to sadly announce that final Taps has sounded for Brigadier General Ralph E. Jones (Ret.) Monday, January 19, 2009 due to complications from pneumonia at age 81. He was the person who hired me for band camp and we had a few sessions of clarinet duets! I might add a good performer too.

This was my first cadet dance February 8, 1964. Now ya know it was over forty years ago. She was soooo pretty. Betcha she is eighty pounds over weight now..... Other band members liked her too. And the old men [upper classmen] thought she was a cutie!!!! I thought so too!



This is me in 1966. I just started Philadelphia Musical Academy [now the University of the Arts] in September 1965. I had vision of performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra [yea right]. I was a classical clarinetist. You know how hard that is to perform in a well known orchestra?

So I was a guest soloist with the Springfield Symphony....the review:

         Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America Inc. ~ Yes  I was in a fraternity

 I will now tell you my one and only girl I asked to marry me. Her name was Betty aka "Tuckie." I asked her out on a bet. I won the $10.00. Back in the summer of  June 1969- September 1969. I heard from her best friend that she dumped me for a doctor. Well, I did confirm that in April 2010. If she ever reads this she just might remember "The Green Shutters." I will not forget it. It took me a while to "get over it" but I did. Lots of fond memories in such a sort period of time.


I feel like such a jerk for falling in love in such a short period of time. But that is life. After this I NEVER trusted another woman again. I am sure one or more might have been a good catch. Who knows?.



Click for more of my teaching days 

Click for more of my personal pictures  








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