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This is Ralph

Died July 21, 2001 

I had to tell my vet to put down my dog Ralph. Ralph was abandon in 1991 on the front steps of my school and I took him home to live with me. He was the smartest dog I have ever had.
This morning he had an infection in his foot & leg. He has been having trouble with holding his urine for more than 18 months.I would clean up almost every other hour during the day. They took x-rays and found his bladder was extended and his red blood cells were low. They believed he had cancer/tumor I know to some of you it is just a dog --- but to me he was my best friend.
I hated to put him down but I know he did not have a quality life and I did no want him to suffer any more On the whole scheme of things ...I would rather have my dog back healthy than those three pieds. He was family. I will miss him. I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you. This is the least I could do for my buddy.
He is in charge of Boas & Pythons. Please contact him for all complaints.

Thanks for stopping by...Hope to see ya at a show....if Rich will let me come!!!

Notice how I guard MY python egg!!!! Don't Touch

"Please don't mess with MY babies"

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