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Maternal Incubation

My thoughts on maternal incubation.

Can you imagine the folks in Africa gathering all the ball python eggs that are laid and placing them in an incubator? Do you know a female that took a fertilized egg out of her womb and placed in a Petri dish for incubation? Both to me are far fetched. So I decided to let mom do it. People have slammed me because I let my females incubate their eggs. I do not care who think I am wrong. I does not matter! If you want to take your clutches and place them in an incubator go ahead. I like mom to take care of her eggs. Who cares how we hatch eggs? To me it is more natural
Very simple to do I keep the thermostat at  76 degrees  and humidity  range 68% to 75%  As summer comes the temperature goes up in the room automatically and goes down in the winter. My humidity is regulated by humidifier. In the summer there is no need for it. I gets enough humidity without using one.
I use Freedom Breeders rack system. I keep my heat tape @ 89 degrees year round. If a female lays egg off tape I push her and the eggs  and mom to the heat tape. I also have a fan turned on 24/7 in back of the humidifier.
Funny story ~ I had a person ask me what I do. I started to tell them and they started to argue with me. I had to laugh but I said excuse me but you asked what I do. I am telling you and you can do whatever you want!



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