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Quality Captive Bred Designer Ball Pythons

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Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks & supplies.

I do not use a special nesting box
I do use a hide box.
I have heat tape for some not all the animals.
I use newspaper for bedding.
Let mom take care of the eggs till they pip then I remove them.
Summer Room temperature is around 88 - 91 Winter 77 - 80
If you are going to breed ball morphs please have mice, rats, gerbils, and deer mice available. Humidity? about 58% to 80%
Do not let rodents stay in cage. Check them in five to ten minutes - if not eaten then remove.
Sippers and floods. I started to put my stems in sippers up. This way when bumped they will not leak. [3/24/04]
Need a reptile veterinarian?
This should help you!!
I use
Freedom Breeder cages.
I use
Nikon  Coolpix 5700 camera.
I use
Raytek MT2 Thermometer gun Mini Temp
For shipping supplies I use Superior Shipping Supplies
Small animal watering. I use AGSelect
A general guide to ball python husbandry on
King Snake.
Link to Helix Controls
Vision Cages The best!
 Link to sigh up for Delta known shipper Or call 1-800-352-2746 Delta Dash



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