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Ball Boutique, Inc. ~ Enchi


Enchi Ball Python

The Enchi is a co-dominant mutation that was first proven genetic by Lars Brandell of Sweden in 2002. They were named after the region in Africa where they were first discovered. The Enchi is sometimes referred to as an Enchi Pastel, which is both incorrect and misleading. The Enchi has nothing to do with any of the established lines of pastels. It is a unique morph that is both a color and pattern mutation. The Enchis have golden yellow sides, the dark pigmentation is chocolate and their faded saddles exhibit a copper/bronze color. The Enchi also has a greatly reduced pattern. The "Super" Enchi is an extreme version of the Enchi, with a further reduction in pattern and a lighter more intense color. Enchis are also a valuable ingredient when making some designer morphs as they reduce pattern and alter color. The Enchi Spider and Enchi Pinstripe are good examples of what this morph can do.

The above is from: Mark Petros









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