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Can not wait to breed this little guy!!!!!!1/3/04
Got up today 6:00 am blah! Drove up the old route 9 now 476 PA Turnpike. Went to the rest stop and waited. Today is/was the day I get my spider. Had a cashiers check and ready to go. I called on my cell phone to meet the breeder and could not wait to hold him [ the spider lol ]. Well he is here and safe and sound.


I noticed that some of my girls get nippy during breeding season. Today I had six close calls. I always open each cage with the idea that I will get bit each time I go into them. You never know when they will snap at you. Heck my little spider snapped at me today for the first time!!!!!


I noticed that My web site did not look nice at 800 x 600. My top part of web did not look good. 35 % of my surfers have that resolution so I fixed it...   Please email me if you find something wrong on my site. Thanks~RicK


I am in a photo competition at ball-pythons.net . I sent this picture to them for the contest. Thought this girl looked nice of her close up picture. A few weeks passed by and I received an email if they could use the photo on their site. I gave them permission and they made it smaller and brighter. So that you all know it is my little girl showing her self off! Their picture looks like this! I am happy for them to use my photo. I feel like a proud papa!


I would like folks to know one thing. I believe that what Dan and Colette Sutherland did was beyond duty. I know that they are much respected in the ball python industry and to pull off that type of help for a fellow herper was just a great thing to happen. They themselves in a unselfish way committed $5,000.00 to help Jeff out. I am glad to have bought some of my animals from such a great couple in this CUT THROAT BUSINESS. Just makes me put them up one notch above the rest. Some folks are trying to smack them down for it. Go figure. Thanks again Dan and Colette.


Today I got caught up with shipping my last two paid orders. My one customer has been waiting since 1/2/04. I am glad all is well. Just been so cold to ship. I think I will change my shipping to 40 degrees for the lows - not highs. Safety first for my animals. We all enjoy live arrivals. Why take a chance?

Big breeders sell to others and they sometimes don't want the others to make money. I am a person who wants to make some bucks to supplement my income.
I am in my second life. I would say I was a big band director. I had a graduate, with a Masters degree from Temple University in music, who listen to a band tape of my sixth grade band ..... I asked him what grade level [he had no idea of what I was teaching] He said it sounded like a 10th - 11th grade band. Talk about me knowing and respecting his knowledge made me feel good. Also my high school band has never won a competition since I left in 1982.....Guess I knew what I was doing!!!!! [I am working on my "me" page now.]
Let me get back to "big breeders" To me a big breeder is a business man first. A large collection of animals second. Now third and, too me, and most important - ACTS PROFESSIONAL...... maybe more important than one and two. A big mouth and money will fail. IMHO That is why I am so damn humble! Hummmmmm
If I can grab $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 a year I will be happy. I am not trying to be # 1 I feel I did that musically.
BTW how hard is it to breed ball pythons? Any idiot can! Bet you can have an 8 year old breed ball pythons in a spare room! All you need is a male and female.....and that the BP be at least four yeas old. No college and no tech school.
DAH!!!!!!! BTW some of my friends breed and some breed snakes
Happy Herpin'


Any one have a rat get loose in feeding your pythons? Had one loose today. I went in the room tonight turned on the light and saw him. I tried to sneak up on him and he ran to cover. I saw him and tried to get him. He ran again could not see him. I placed a bucket on its side; this was the same bucket I used to bring the rats upstairs. I placed the front of the bucket towards his hiding place. I waited 15 minutes went into the room and lifted the bucket and yes I got him in the bucket. So try it and let me know if it works for you.


 I just had to get this one......


 I decided to launch my new web site today! Yes I know it is not finished. I just love the look of it I just had to share with all of you. I hope you like it. I am not a professional web designer nor do I ever want to be one. It is totally boring to do all this repetitious work. So please be patience with me as I complete this task. I know this has nothing to do with herping so I am off topic. Please advise me if you see anything not working properly. I have updated the Genetics to include more of double het breeding. Hope this helps you. My next BIG job is redoing the Ball Room. This will take more time than I expected. Also other things will be added as soon as I get to them. Thanks for stopping by! Seat of the pants web designer RicK!


Just sitting here tonight at 9:49 pm EDT and thinking about lucies. I believe that Nerd, Pete, Rick Page, Bob, and Ralph Davis have lucies. .My question is are they sterile? Have the lucies been bred to produce lucies? The only thing I heard is that Pete breed his female and made hets. Who has bred a lucy to lucy and have lucy babies? Just a thought.


I am getting excited when I saw this in the afternoon. He is less than a year old!!!!!! Who knows only time will tell! I am trying him with two girls. This girl never bred before today. The other girl produced eight eggs in her prior two breeding seasons.


Saw my spider breeding to another female. This is the female JY gave me. Also my dh snow VPI breeding a female virgin. Hope to get something going soon.


Today I hatched 2 axanthics and 3 het axanthics. Pictures will be taken as soon as they shed. They will be ready for shipping after they eat.
Oh, my little spider boy just bred another female.....Total of three girls......who knows? I hope so. The girls are over 2 years old..


Today I hatched 2.4 possible het clowns. I hope to get a Clown male this year or next. Then I saw an ad! So I bought 1.2 possible double het for snow VPI from Brian Sharp. I will be selling the male for $300.00. I have 100% het for snow. I also felt eggs in my het albino...... who knows. Still hope in 2004.


Today I  felt 8 eggs in my female today she was bred to my spider male. so I hope to hatch some spiders for 2005!!!!!!


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