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Got up today 5:45 am blah!
Shared my table with a friend of mine John Davenport
Bought my first few snakes from him in 1993. He was my mentor!
Put plastic lizard on table and price tag of $25,000.00.
Most people laughed....some walked away and scorned it....no humor. Lol
Saw Kevin from NERD....he bought John's albino! Saw Trooper and Brian Sharp too! Nice folks. Picked up my Freedom Breeders rack system. Kevin helped take out to my truck.
Sold a few animals....John said I should bring my pied and my albino for Sunday so I will do it!
Maybe I will see ya there..


I saw Trooper Walsh and the charming Kara and Kevin from NERD. Glad Kevin said what he said about certain morph. Thought maybe I was wrong. Looking for some "new morph pics soon" wink wink.
I bought some Freedom Breeders Racks for my Ball Python collection. Before I forget Brian Sharp was there too with his blonde Pastels.
It was a "fun time" for me and I look forward in seeing some of you folks in Chicago next year.
For all the folks that stopped by our table and said hi to me and John Davenport .....Thanks we appreciate it. Hope you liked the pied I had on display and all those that took pictures of it.....I loved meeting all you who came by and said hi. Hope you liked the plastic lizard for $25,000.00 [thanks JY!] LOL. Can't wait to see all of you next year!!!! Happy Herping and may the breeding season be with you. Take care.
RicK & John!


This is a post by Kevin of NERD on Kingsnake.com. I believe he is agreeing what I had said about the snow project. Only time will tell on this issue.

I do not have the time to read through all of these post since I need to unpack from the show and play with my critters.
The double het project was the hi contrast albinos with the orange ghost. I bred the double hets back to each other and hatched out 4 albinos, a ghost and two poss. double hets. Did I produce an albino ghost?/

I DON"T KNOW...they have shed once, they are feeding....there are three VERY SHARP hi contrast orangish(but hi contrast ARE ORANGE) albinos and one BLAH albino. They need to shed again for me tow rule out the notion that I did or did not. I may have whiffed or this project may only offer a slight difference if any from a sharp hi contrast albino. Not all project yield the eye bulging results we hope for.

For the record. I don't think it is an easy thing to breed two double hets together and get the one in sixteen double mutation. I in fact think it is an accomplishment in the world of 4-6 egg clutches to get it.

Regardless of Ralph and myself having internal issues that other people seems to enjoy it does not take away from the guys results and collection. I am more than green with envy with his collection! He has great success and great animals. He has hatched out the real deal snow ball, no question, the VPI axanthic is as nice as it will get! I have strong doubts about some of the other snows out there, I don't think there are quite as many hatched as people think. I think we may be seeing some blah albinos and we only think they are the snow. I have been hatching out blah albinos for several years now by mistake...... the one in sixteen is not such an easy thing to hit unless you fell on a lucky horse shoe like Ralph!
I don not suddenly become best buddies with a person because we may have a particular "enemy" in common.

Demo, you spent many long moments ripping on me when you were in the Ralph boot camp...... now that you are on the outside why am I worth a dime? Is it the fact that Ralph and I are not best buddies?
I am not trying to be a jerk but I REMEMBER things and I do not like it when I get ripped on for no reason and then things change.

The school yard has long shut down.....

Remember one thing kiddies, what you think and what you know are not always the same thing.

I still think RALPH SUCKS!!!!! Kev NERD
The Most Extensive Collection of Ball Python Mutations in Captivity

I wanted to take the time to thank him that day. The thread got ugly most likely the same ugliness that Kevin speaks about that I got into. But I recall that my posts to him were not as bad as what took place.  Again thanks for your input. I now know what it is like to "get ripped on for no reason." All I was stipulating was my thoughts on the one in sixteen double het and a certain camp did not like what I had to say. As far as you worth a dime? - I respect what you have done for the ball python  community. I am in nobodies camp. Don't know why I ever got into one. I learn each day. Again thanks.


Today I weighed my possible double het girls I produced last year from possible het males I purchased. Maybe just maybe I might produce a snow! Two of my males did not produce as many girls so it will be only two of them breeding. Be nice if I find a have a double het.


I put my possible het clowns together today....to normals!  Maybe I might prove one of the five out. Talk about work. But if I do I hit a small lottery. Started to retag all the cages to help me who has bred to who!


Just a picture today! :) HOPE



Genetic Stripe put to bed!

Some of you may know I was looking for a stripe female. I just can not seeing myself putting out 20k for a female. If the deal was 15k I would have. Guess I have that 15k thing when Pete was selling his female pieds for that. Maybe in two years they might be 8-10 k. I like them but just too much for me. Lots of people have hets and possible hets Maybe I'll get a spider. :)


Spider might be spinning a web soon @ my place!

I am very close in purchasing a spider. I just have to sleep a little bit more. Also I might get a 100% het stripe too! I have to decide more on the het. I might wait till 04 for the real thing when I see what I produce. I know I will get an offspring or two from Bill Lubak on this pastel....it is real good looking animal. Check it out! This is his male breeder.



Santa said that spider will be spinning a web soon @ my place!

The female will be here soon!



Santa said that spider will be spinning a web soon @ my place!

I changed my mind a male will be here on Saturday!!!!!!

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